Apache/Resin missing request parameter with umlauts

Apache/Resin missing request parameter with umlauts

Post by Roland Mück » Thu, 22 May 2003 00:51:44

When I try to read a requst parameter with


this parameter is only set (and contains a value), if there aren't any
(url-encoded) umlauts or special characters in the request-string.

This works:

test.jsp?param=xxx (I get "xxx")
test.jsp?param=x%20x (I get "x x")

This not:

test.jsp?param=x%FCx (I get a NullPointerException ;-) )

I am running an Apache 1.3.27 with Resin 2.1.6 on Solaris 8. The funny
thing is, that this problem occures only on one machine. Another one
with identical setup works fine.

Maybe it is related to a similar problem with PHP and recode on the same
box. When I use recode() to transform a string with umlauts to its UTF-8
pendant I get the desired result. But transforming it back from UTF-8 to
Latin-1 I get... nothing! No warning, no error, just an empty string.

I guess there is something wrong with internal handling of special
characters in Apache or Solaris, i.e. my setup is somehow broken. But
how? Did anyone had a similar problem? Or does anyone can give me a hint
what could be the reason for this strange behaviour or at least what to
look for?