Apache and Frontpage

Apache and Frontpage

Post by ha.. » Wed, 10 Oct 2001 08:02:38

When upgrading my Apache to the latest version, I noticed that the
start script had been modified to load a large number of modules that
appear to have something to do with Frontpage.
Does this mean now that the standard (linux, RedHat) default
installation Apache will run Frontpage extensions just like that?
Installing Frontpage extensions used to terrible a few years ago, has
this changed, do the new modules work?

1. cannot install apache after installed frontpage 2000 patch apache


I am trying to install frontpage 2000 extension for apache using RedHat 6.1.
After installing the frontpage change_server.sh apache patch the apache web
server stopped working. I am trying trying to uninstall and start from
but now I cannot even install the apache web server
apache-devel-1.3.9-4.i386.rpm and
apache-1.3.9-4.i386.rpm. I doing command
   rpm -i apache-1.3.9-4.i386.rpm

That generates:
    error: apache-1.3.9-4.i386.rpm cannot be installed

How do I get back to know state uninstall frontpage apache patch and then
install apache from scratch ???

Any suggestions.

/ Bye

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