Root directory speed/security?

Root directory speed/security?

Post by Adam Harve » Wed, 25 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I've seen two "tips" on speeding up the server/making it more secure.

By putting:

<Directory />
AllowOverride None

You disable .htaccess lookups, and subsequently put an "AllowOverride All"
in each accessable directory you specify under the root (for /home/*/www
and /www/htdocs/ or whatever).

I've also seen:

<Directory />
Order deny,allow
Allow from

Which is safer too. Then you put "Allow from all" under all the
/home/*/www and /www/htdocs/, yet again.

Now, from any Apache gurus (or demi-gurus), any suggestions as per WHICH
to use?  Which is better?  Or is it worth it to put them together?  I was
curious as to if it was pointless to do them both.  Would putting the
"allow from" for the root dir and setting .htaccess for the
other dirs would be suggested?  I'd like to see a bit of discussion.

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This is standard unix file system semantics.

Technically speaking, you did not delete the files.  Rather, you
removed the directory entry for the files.  You were able to do this
because you have write access to the directory.  After you removed
the directory entries, the operating system then deleted those files
for which there were no other directory entries.  It deleted them
because they were inacessible.

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