Run your own business - selling Virtual Servers

Run your own business - selling Virtual Servers

Post by Dax » Fri, 31 Jul 1998 04:00:00

The VRP is for anyone who has: A computer, an Internet connection, and a
desire to make money. The VRP is also a great place for Web Designers and
programmers. Read on. . .

The Virtual Reseller Program. Do you love the Web? Are you creative,
innovative, ready to take your Internet knowledge one step further? Then
make a lot of money, FAST! Great!  We want you on our team.  There's no
fees, no dues, no schedules, no stress, all you have to do is sign up.
This is
not a scam or 'get rich quick' scheme.  You will need to put some effort
sales, but the rewards are good!

If you are interested in reselling "virtual server" space you can check out
the information at:

There is no cost to participate as a reseller with Virtualis. Prewritten
ads and web sites are available to assist you in marketing either online or


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is it true that a Solaris 9 server running DS 5.2 server cannot
be its own native LDAP client?
I.e. am I supposed to run a dedicated, user- and applicationless
server for this, or actually at least two for redundancy?

We were thinking of migrating to LDAP/DS for all naming services,
but if the above is true, it currently seems a bit blown out of
proportion for just a small group of servers.


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