Apache and FTP to _exclusive_ sub-directory

Apache and FTP to _exclusive_ sub-directory

Post by Richard Fol » Tue, 25 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Running Apache on Irix 5.3

Is there a simple (?) solution to allowing 'x' into a sub-directory of a
full IP address/domain, as _their_ ftp'able directory?

I can create a new domain and link it to an IP address.
Within that I wish to make several more directories which several
parties can access _directly_, _exclusively_ and without being able to
get out into the main 'holding' directory which is full of other stuff.

.htaccess doesn't quite fit the bill.

Hints anyone?
Clear instructions possibly?  :-)



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1. Apache logfile analysis by sub-directory

I am looking for a access_log analysis program (Apache 1.3, combined
log format) which is able to generate full HTML formatted stats for SUB
FOLDERS of a Web site.

i.e. If I have two departments a & b, I want to be able to supply the
Web editor of each department with a URL which will give them info on
no. of hits, top referrer, user agent etc for their department's pages.

All the tools I have found so far only analyse the full data-set for a
site, and can't break it down by directory to give totally separate
reports for sub-sections of the site.

TIA for your assistance.


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