Partial data loss uploading image file

Partial data loss uploading image file

Post by Anne Prowe » Wed, 15 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am completely stumped by a problem uploading a JPG. This is the front
image for a commercial site so I welcome any comments/sugestions for a
fix. The original image file is 63K on my hard drive and displays without
error in Photoshop and Netscape offline. When I upload through Fetch
3.0.3, I lose 6 or 7K and the bottom inch of the image. I've tried using
two different computers to upload. It's been suggested it might be a
server problem or conflict. My server is NCSA/1.5.2 but I'm not very
knowledgeable about servers.Has anyone seen this problem before?

The site is:

Anne Prowell                        Specific Gravity, Inc.


1. 2.4.19-rc1,2 + ext3 data=journal: data loss on unmount

That sounds like a bug in the core code somewhere since the flush should
have happened automatically on umount. Does 2.4.19 proper show this on
your box (or 2.4.20-rc) ? [I'd suspect yes but would like to be sure]

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