Trouble with Listen directive and Apache 1.1.1

Trouble with Listen directive and Apache 1.1.1

Post by Aaron Holt » Sun, 17 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hello.  I am having some troubles using the Listen directive under
Apache 1.1.1    My Listen lines look as follows:


Whenever I have more than one Listen directive, I get an error when
starting the server:

Could not assigned requested address
httpd: could not bind to address port 80

If I comment out one of the Listen lines, then it will fire up.  This
works regardless of which Listen directive that I comment out.  If I
comment out the first line, then the second address works.  If I comment
out the second line, then the first address works.  I know that the IP
addresses are good and are arping properly, so I am not sure why the
trouble with more than one directive.  This web server starts up on
another port, so I need to tell the listen directives to watch for these
IP addresses on port 80.  If anyone has had trouble with more than one
Listen directive, or sees trouble with my logic, the help would be
appreciated!  Thanks to all who can help.


Aaron Holtz
First Network Group    "The First Name in Internetworking"

"Sometimes it can't be done.
 But then, there is wisdom."


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Has somebody an other idea ???


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