apache: CGI-scripts using PATH_TRANSLATED, .htaccess

apache: CGI-scripts using PATH_TRANSLATED, .htaccess

Post by D. Roc » Tue, 10 Mar 1998 04:00:00


is it possible to configure apache, so that it is not possible to access
a protected area (with .htaccess), via cgi-scripts which use the PATH_TRANSLATED
variable to access certain documents:

I have a directory called /protected with limited access. If I access this
directory with the system wide installed cgi-script
I receive the page regardless of the contents in .htaccess. Since the page
contains no special w3-msql tags, I receive this page completely uninterpreted,
even images or other weird documents can be accessed this way! If links are
relative, I can simply browse a complete protected hierarchy (sometimes I
have to manually append an "index.html", but that's all)

An error is logged in error_log, though:
[Mon Mar  9 02:40:12 1998] [error] Client denied by server configuration: /usr/www/docs/protected/index.html

How can I stop apache allowing such transfers?



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I've written a custom script for presenting the contents of
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I'm looking at the environment of the script, and PATH_TRANSLATED
isn't there.

I've just compiled Apache/1.2b7 on Solaris 2.5 and am running the
binary on a 2.5.1 host.  Could this be it?

The real question is, how can I determine the real directory in which
the script is running?  We're doing some Aliasing using srm.conf
directives, and for Aliased URLs, I would expect real path to be

Am I mistaken, or have I tickled a bug, or what?


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