reverse proxy with chained signed client certificate fails

reverse proxy with chained signed client certificate fails

Post by Armin Kro » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 15:17:35

Hi list,

I try to set up a reverse proxy connection with modssl and
It works fine if I have one client-certificate with it's private key
in one concatenatened file. I put this in a directory and put the
directorys name in
But I have a second connection wich uses a client-certificate and this
is signed by chained root-certificates:


If I put this PKCS7-file with the private key in one file then 'make'
(making hash key with openssl-script) failes for this file.
If I put all the 'myclient-certificate', the
'middle-signer-certifcate', 'root-signer-certifcate' and the private
key in a concatenated file then 'make' succedes but modssl sends the
'middle-signer-certifcate' for client-authentification. This fails.

Any sugestions how to use a 'chain-signed' client-certificate for
client-certificate-autentification with modssl?

best regards
Armin Krone


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