Apache 1.3.3 : Internal Server Error

Apache 1.3.3 : Internal Server Error

Post by Louis-Marie WATTEBLE » Fri, 04 Dec 1998 04:00:00


I've just upgraded from Apache v1.2 to v1.3.3;

I have a problem using .htaccess file :

1. in access.conf, I have :

<Directory /admin/prof/*/public_html>
order deny,allow
deny from all
AllowOverride All
Options FollowSymLinks IncludesNOEXEC

2. in /admin/prof/mqg/public_html/.htaccess, I have :

deny from all
allow from escp.fr
satisfy any

Problem :
This configuration worked fine with Apache v1.2;
With Apache v1.3.3, when I'm accessing http://www....../~mqg,
the Apache server gets :

Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was
unable to complete your request.

I have no message in error_log and no message in access_log in relation
with this access.

What can I do ?


Louis-Marie Wattebled
Ecole Superieure de commerce de Paris.


Apache 1.3.3 : Internal Server Error

Post by Louis-Marie WATTEBLE » Fri, 04 Dec 1998 04:00:00

> Are you sure the .htaccess file has correct read permissions?

Yes; If I ask for ~mqg/.htaccess
==> I get it (I know it's not goot for security reasons
              but this is a test)

Quote:> Why are you using "satisfy any"? There's no Auth* directives
> in your config excerpt.
> Try using the following directives in your .htaccess file:

>  order allow,deny
>  allow from escp.fr

Yes, it's working !!!!!

Thanks a lot for your help.


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