Help with Virtual Servers w/ NetSite and Solaris 2.3

Help with Virtual Servers w/ NetSite and Solaris 2.3

Post by Steve Mitchel » Fri, 09 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I'm trying to bring up a new virtual server to go along with
my old server.  I'm using Netscape Server and Solaris.  

I've configured Solaris to answer to two IP numbers.  That works
fine (i.e. I can connect to the machine via telnet using both
IP numbers).  

I've configured my original ns-httpd to bind itself to my original
address on port 80.  I then created a new ns-httpd and configured
it to bind itself to the new IP number on port 80.  I can start
both servers just fine.  'ps' shows both ns-httpd's running.  
'netstat' shows both processes listening on different IP numbers
at port 80.

Problem is, I can't connect to the new IP number at port 80.  
I get a "connection refused."  The old server on the machine's
"real" IP number works fine as usual..

Anybody seen this problem before?

Thanks for any info..



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Hi all,

We are attempting to link up two Solaris 2.3 networks via PPP and we are
running into some problems.  The link initialy comes up and we are able to ping
both sides for about 30 seconds or so and then nothing.  Does anyone have a
clue what could be hapening? We are stumped here.


- Steve
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