apache 1.0.5 virtual hosts, log-file- and imagemap-problems

apache 1.0.5 virtual hosts, log-file- and imagemap-problems

Post by Joachim Hoffman » Wed, 01 May 1996 04:00:00

Hi there,
a few days ago we posted a question related to the subject.
Unfortunately we never see an helpful answer.
There was only one guy who replied, that he posted a similar question
before and -as we- never get an answer.

In the meantime we solved our problems (oh how happy I'm!). I'd like to
help the person mentioned above, if he still stuck on his problems.

Because I do not have your address, you have to make contact:
please email me

p.s. my english is horrible, sorry!


1. Apache logging virtual hosts in one log file

I have a virtual host on an Apache Server 1.3
lets call it 'MASTER'.
Inside that domain I have 20 domains virtual
hosted and linked into the domain space
of 'MASTER' eg: MASTER/htdocs/domain1/
                MASTER/htdocs/domain2/ etc

How do I get one log file with browser and
referrer stats for MASTER including the hits made
to domain1 & domain2 etc.

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