ANNOUNCE: Free Web Tracker Evaluation Now Available

ANNOUNCE: Free Web Tracker Evaluation Now Available

Post by Peter Phaa » Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:00:00

A free 7 day evaluation version of Web Tracker is now available from

Web Tracker is a graphical, interactive web server log file analyzer.
It uses statistical sampling to handle very large sites. It features
rapid-drill down, geographical data presentation, and sophisticated
Peter Phaal
Cambridge Quality Management, Inc.


1. ANNOUNCE: Web Tracker 1.1 Now Available

Web Tracker is an interactive, graphical web server logfile analyzer.

Web Tracker features rapid drill-down, geographic displays and
sophisticated trending. Web Tracker supports advanced statistical
sampling as a way to interactively analyze very large log files.

Version 1.1 adds support for Combined Logfiles (incorporating
Agent and Referrer information). Find out which browsers and
operating systems people are using. See how effectively your
site is being promoted by identifying where visitors found
your link.

A free 7 day evaluation is available from
Peter Phaal
Cambridge Quality Management, Inc.

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