User configuration of the way server displays a directory index

User configuration of the way server displays a directory index

Post by Larry W. Vird » Sat, 30 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I am building some pages on a server which indicates that it is an
NCSA version 1.4.1 server.  It is my understanding that there is some
sort of mechanism, called an htaccess file, which a user could place in
his or her directory to assist the server in generating an HTML page
for a directory.

I have searched thru the NCSA WWW site for their server, but I am unable
to determine what such a file would contain.  Several examples are shown,
all of which appear to me to be exactly what I want - but all that is
said in that portion of the doc is 'Here are some examples' - without
showing what file caused the behavior.

Can anyone provide me with details as to what such a file should contain?

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Hi y'all--

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Any help greatly appreciated.

                                                doug blaisdell

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