Apache proxy access bug

Apache proxy access bug

Post by Paolo Ventafridd » Sat, 22 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hello. I have installed the apache 1.2b5 as a proxy caching server on port 80.
I have modified access.conf following the guidelines. I blacklisted (denied) my own host.
I set up netscape 2.0 proxy to use it, and it correctly refuse to operate giving an 404 error.
But Explorer seems to work all the way out!
Check this. Go to an apache proxy, telnet to it, and ask:

GET http://any.url.domain  

You will notice that apache gives the answer! What is (should be) the proxy:* directive, and why
Microsoft Explorer is not following it??

Ciao Paolo


1. Apache with access control vs proxy (Not apache AS proxy)

I have a webserver which should have limited
access from a subnet.
Works fine with an "access from xxx.xxx." directive.
Problem: There are proxies in the subnet.
If someone outside uses a proxy in authorized subnet,
he can access the webserver.

How can I avoid this "feature" if I haven't access
to the setup of the proxy-Server.

Thanks a lot

Stefan Huelbrock
Voice (+49/0)7071-2977176, Fax (+49/0)7071-922983
University of Tuebingen, WSI, Computer Architecture
Koestlinstr. 6, D-72074 Tuebingen, Germany


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