Unwanted cookies from apache

Unwanted cookies from apache

Post by Marc Slemk » Sat, 25 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>I am running an apache 1.0.0 web server on BSDI 2.1 which INSISTS on
>sending cookies to users, although as far as I can make out cookies are
>turned off. Any one any ideas ?

Do you have mod_cookies compiled in?  If so, take it out.

If not, post the output when you telnet to your web port and type
"HEAD / HTTP/1.0" to be sure there really is a cookie there.


1. My linux+Apache+mod_perl cannot recognize"print "Set-Cookie: cookie-name = Unique; "

Just solved the problem of not recognizing print "Content-type:
But another problem still exists.
When the perl script contains following lines:
     print "Set-Cookie: cookie-name = Unique; ";
     print "domain = .$baseurl; ";
     print "path = /; ";
     print "expires = Thursday, 11-Dec-2100 00:00:00 GMT\n";
It just print out these lines on the web.
Still the same script runs perfect under windows+apache+cygwin.
Please tell me how to change the httpd.conf file just as the last question.
Thank you very much.

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