Apache: Don't want HTTP headers, how?

Apache: Don't want HTTP headers, how?

Post by Scott J. Ellentuc » Fri, 16 Aug 1996 04:00:00


To set the "mood" for a second :

1) Every page except my index.html is in a subdirectory called "pages"
2) There is an .htaccess file in the "pages" directory that only allows
the web server host to retrieve pages
3) index.html calls "cgi-bin/a.pl/pages/index.html"

What I do in "a.pl" isn't too important.  What I want to do is then
have the server turn around, make a tcp/ip connection to itself, then
request "GET /pages/index.html HTTP/1.0" and return it to the browser
INTACT.  What is standing in my way is that Apache seems to put in the
HTTP headers NO MATTER WHAT!  Since its a type it doesn't understand, it
seems to be putting in "Content-Type: text/plain".  No matter what I do
the text comes back as plain text.  What I really want is to just pass
the headers over VERBATIM, and not put any headers before it.

On CERN, there was a .ng or something that would do this.  I tried
setting a type of "send-as-is" and that still did it.  Any clues?
Please CC me as this list is unreliable from where I read it.

Thanks, Scott


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The .htaccess file I am using:
<Files "t.txt">
Header set Author "John P. Doe"

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