Ever heard of backward compatability?

Ever heard of backward compatability?

Post by Greg » Mon, 29 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Took us a few minutes to figure why some of our customers were not able to
view certain servers web pacges (we run 99% unix). It all pointed to one
item (IE 4.0). Guess what, after watching the packets come into our network
, we saw that IE 4.0 is very strict in what it listens to. If the server
sends a 1.0 and not a 1.1 response, you get screwed up frames, backgrounds,
and really strange number on the header and footer of the page.

Of course, the simple solution (5 minutes of work) was to recompile apache
to the latest version. But what a drag, no other browser has a
backward-compatability problem.

Just letting you know in case you get some tech support calls ..

Greg King

Charter CommunicationsOperations Engineer


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