ANNOUNCE: Flash Web Server v 0.1 alpha released

ANNOUNCE: Flash Web Server v 0.1 alpha released

Post by Vivek Sadananda P » Fri, 08 Oct 1999 04:00:00

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The Flash Web Server is now available for download.  This is
the server that was presented at the Usenix 99 Annual
Technical Conference.  For full details, please go to

I've included the contents of that page below.



                            The Flash Web Server

          The Flash Web server is a high-performance Web server developed
          using a novel concurrency architecture. It combines the high
          performance of single-process event-driven servers on cached
          workloads with the performance of multi-process and
          multi-threaded servers on disk-bound workloads. Furthermore,
          the Flash Web server is easily portable since it achieves these
          results using facilities available in all modern operating

          The Flash Web Server is described in detail in the paper
          "Flash: An efficient and portable Web server."
          (paper available at )
          Note that the current release is version 0.1 alpha, an
          experimental release.  It is currently experimental software
          and is not intended for production use in its present form.


          + High performance on a wide range of workloads
          + Low resource requirements
          + Handles large # of clients
          + Multiprocessor support
          + Source code availability
          + Portability across many Unix systems
          + Highly optimized code
          + Aggressive caching
          + Easy configuration

          Flash is one of the fastest portable Web servers available.
          Furthermore, it is one of the few Web servers in its class that
          is available in source form.

          The source code is small enough that it can be understood
          within a week by a senior undergraduate or early graduate
          student. As such, Flash is suitable for course projects.

          The Flash Web Server has been compiled and run on

          + FreeBSD / x86
          + Linux / x86
          + Tru64(Digital) Unix / Alpha
          + Solaris / Sparc and x86
          + AIX / IBM RS6000

          The Flash Web Server was developed by Vivek S. Pai under the
          direction of Prof. Peter Druschel and Prof. Willy
          Zwaenepoel at Rice University.

          Flash is NOT free software - please read this section
          carefully. We are licensing the Flash Web Server free of charge
          to individuals for non-commerial personal use and to non-profit
          entities for non-commerial use. Any other use requires
          obtaining a license from the Rice University Office of

          In short, if you are using the Flash server at a company in any
          capacity, then you must negotiate a license with the Rice
          University Office of Technology Transfer. Likewise if you are
          using it in any commercial capacity.

          The Flash Web Server is copyrighted software and can NOT be
          redistributed. Please see the [1]copyright notice for more
          details regarding the license terms and copyrights.

          The Flash Web Server version 0.1a package includes all of the
          source files necessary to build the server. We assume the
          availability of the gcc compiler or its equivalent, along with
          the gnumake utility. For more details, see the [2]README file
          including with the package. Unpacking the files requires the
          gunzip and tar programs.

          To download the package, please complete a brief
          [3]registration form.

          Vivek S. Pai
          Dept. of Computer Science - MS 132
          Rice University
          6100 Main
          Houston, TX 77005
          (713) 527-8101 ext 3817

   Future Versions:
          To receive information about future releases of the Flash Web
          Server or to provide feedback about Flash, please send e-mail