Implementing Cern's Protection directive on Netscape Enterprise Server

Implementing Cern's Protection directive on Netscape Enterprise Server

Post by Thomas P. Wals » Sat, 11 Dec 1999 04:00:00

We are setting up a Netscape Enterprise Web server to handle cgi
processing. We'd like implement something like the Cern server's Protect
directive that tells the Web server to assume the identity of the user
that is running the cgi script so users can their read/write files. We'd
like to do it without a setuid wrapper. I can't find anything in the
Netscape Enterprise server administration to help us. Does anyone have
any ideas?

Thomas P. Walsh
Lucent Technologies
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1. package directive in servlet on netscape enterprise server 4.0

We're converting from using apache to netscape enterprise 4.0 and
we're trying to configure the server to run servlets that use the
'package' directive.

The servlet is called Menu, and has worked correctly under apache.

All the *.java files in the package include the line 'package a.b;'.
The *.class files of the package are in /opt/software/www/servlet/a/b/

This directory has been added as a servlet directory, as have
/opt/software/www/servlet/ and /opt/software/www/servlet/a.

When we try to access the servlet, we use this URL: but the
server can not locate the file (no directory translation appears
to be occuring) and complains with this error:
[04/Jan/2000:09:19:51] warning ( 7856): requested file not found

If we try to access it as, it fails with this
[06/Jan/2000:07:26:20] info ( 8373): Internal Info: loading servlet
[06/Jan/2000:07:26:20] warning ( 8373): Unable to locate class: Menu
NoClassDefFoundError: Menu (wrong name: a/b/Menu))
[06/Jan/2000:07:26:20] warning ( 8373): Internal error: Failed to load
servlet (

The servlet was compiled with the 'package' directive. When we put
a servlet that does not use 'package' directive in one of those
and access it, it works fine. But we need to use the 'package'

I looked at

but it does not seem to help, as all these things are being done.

I want to be able to access the stuff as above, without having to
each servlet in this directory (there are tons!) and every other
servlet subdirectory. We've too many groups and servlets to do this.

What are the steps needed to make this work?

If I can not do this, when will NE 4.1 come out and what other servlet
engines can I configure to run with NE 4.0?

Walter Moore

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