Serving Web Thru Firewall-1

Serving Web Thru Firewall-1

Post by davi » Thu, 08 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hi there.

We have a Sun Netra internet server, Solaris 2.5, with Firewall-1
running on it.
This is physically connected to an internal network, which has an IRIX
machine serving web pages from a database on it. We would not want the
IRIX machine to be directly connected to the Internet, so we are trying
to serve it through the Netra Internet Server

The network is an Ethernet network, running tcp/ip and both machines can
ping each other.

Could anyone tell me the best way of serving pages on the IRIX machine
through the Internet Server and the firewall please? Will I have to run
a physical cable from the IRIX to the Solaris? Do I need any other
software? Will I need to run a proxy server for outgoing traffic?

Any advice gratefully recieved.



1. How to browse internt thru' LAN's MS proxy server (also serving as firewall)


Recently, I installed Redhat Linux 7.0 at my office computer.  Our intranet
uses all Microsoft stuff and all my collegues use windows boxes.

I could manage to connect my linux box to interal LAN successfully (also
could browse the network neighbourhood by using Samba server).  We have DHCP
server on our LAN.  So, I have used DHCP client protocal for my Linux box.  
So during login, I could automatically get private IP address, gateway, IP
address of internal DNS server correctly.  These things I confirmed by
checking relevant configuration files (like /etc/resolv.conf ,
/etc/sysconfig/network ...) in my linux box.

But, I can't get authenticated by our firewall ( ofcouse, in netscape, proxy
server options , I have enterned correct address of our internal firewall &
port). Another thing, I observed, if use "connect thru' proxy server option
in netscape, I can't even surf our INTRANET sites.  But if I change, options
to " direct connection to internet" in Netscape, I could surf the INTRANET

But same thing, If I do using Winnt system, I could successfully get
authenticated thru' our firewall to browse the internet.

We use MS proxy server 2.0.  Another interesting thing I observated is :  
When I use WINNT system & start IE5.5 for internet browsing, during
authentication process, there are 3 feilds displayed

field#1 : username
field#2 : password
field#3 : domainname

But , When I use my Linux box & start Netscape 4.75, during authentication
process, only first two fields are displayed. I don't know why.  Is this
creating problem..

Could anybody help me, why I am not able connect my Linux box to internet
thru MS proxy server.

thanx in advance.

DJ Rao
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