Mini Linux coexists in DOS partition and boot from DOS

Mini Linux coexists in DOS partition and boot from DOS

Post by Michael Scot » Sun, 12 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Mini Linux coexists in DOS partition and boots from DOS,

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Hi Everybody,

        I'm running ODT 1.1 and DOS 5 on a 486-33 with 16 Meg of
memory. What I am having trouble with is replacing my 2 200Meg IDE
disks with a 1 Gig SCSI Seagate drive. I have partitioned the disk
50/50 between DOS and ODT. The trouble occurs when I type "dos" to the
sco boot prompt, I get the response "dos: no dos partition". If I make
the DOS partition active DOS will boot like a champ.

        I had a similar setup with the 2 IDE drives, each one was
split between DOS and ODT. Booting DOS or ODT from the boot prompt
worked flawlessly.

        I have tried setting up the DOS partition first, as the SCO
docs say, and setting up the ODT partition first. All to no avail...

        BTW I am using CTAR and CT-BOOT from Microlite to do the
transfer of ODT from the old disks to the new disk. It worked great
when I had to replace one of the IDE drives a while back and I am
assuming it is not the cause of this problem.

        As a side note I can't say enough for CT-BOOT. It really takes
the hassle out of disaster recovery. SCO documentation leaves large
holes in this area. The folks at Microlite were knowledgeable and kind
enough to tell me how to reconfigure the kernel when changing boot
devices from IDE to SCSI. Which by the way works when I type "unix" at
the boot prompt.

Many thanks for any help,


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