Virtual Servers with Netscape Enterprise Server

Virtual Servers with Netscape Enterprise Server

Post by John P. Dod » Fri, 30 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I apologize, I lost the original thread. To configure software virtual servers with seperate
document roots you cannot use the Admin GUI, you have to edit the

<server root>/config/obj.conf and add the following lines:

<Client urlhost="">
NameTrans fn="document-root" root="/usr/www/myvirtualserverdocroot"

Take a look at:

Or search at:

                                                Hope this Helps.....

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1. Virtual Servers in Netscape Enterprise Server

I've tryed  to configure a Netscape Enterprise Server to support clients
as "software virtual servers",
but I couldn't  set different directories for each client. So, I have
edited  the obj.conf file to set different directories manually, but  in
this way I couldn't monitor the clients from the browser, and besides
I've read that this configuration is not supported by Netscape.

So, I decided to move to   "hardware virtual servers", and again I
arrived at a new problem: I couldn't
set different cgi-bin directories for each client since the only thing
you can change for each client is the document root.

Does anybody know  if there is any way to support these cllients using
any kind of virtual servers ( prefer
"software virtual server" )  ?

            Thank you,

                                        Nazareth Pimentel

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