Redirecting CGI scripts - how?

Redirecting CGI scripts - how?

Post by Skip Montana » Fri, 03 May 1996 04:00:00

Mostly to make my logfile analysis easier, I'd like to redirect some CGI
scripts from one virtual server to another on my Web server.  So, for
instance, I'd like to redirect


Of course the names and types of the parameters can change.  The script can
be invoked using GET or POST.  Also, note that and are just different virtual servers on the same

Any suggestions how I would do this on Apache (1.0.0)?
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1. jump.cgi - or similar script to redirect from list box

I know nothing about cgi scripts - so can anyone help.

I am writing a number of web pages and want to use either list boxes
or drop down list boxes to redirect browsers to other pages based on
the their selection (in the list boxes).

I note that Microsoft use redir.dll in conjunction with their forms to
do the job.  My Internet Service Provider does not have a script
for the job and in recent times has been very slow (in some cases)
to respond to requests (if they respond at all).

My ISP uses Linux and I am aware that some other ISPs using Linux have
a "jump.cgi" script.  Can anyone send me a "jump.cgi" script or
similar so that I can pass it on to my ISP and get access to it?

Please reply direct by email.

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