Action directive buggy?

Action directive buggy?

Post by Internet En Direc » Mon, 29 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hello there..

I'm trying to use the Action config. directive to remove the
ExecCGI thing which is unsecure. So i put in /whatever the following:
Action text/html /cgi-bin/script_working_fine

Guess what? the html file just loads as usual.. I read somewhere else
in the news that it mite be a problem with mod_action.c and patched it,
but the result is still the same.
The server used is Apache 1.1.1 on a Linux >2.0 box,
thanks for helping!

        ~ Martin - Admin. Internet en Direct ~


1. Disable/undo directives in deeper config scopes, here: Action directive

Hi all!

I wonder if it is possible to disable/undo any configuration directives in a
deeper configuration scope in general, and regarding the Action directive in


  <Location />
      Action text/html /

  <Location /subdir>
      # undo Action directive, but how?

In other words: I need to unmap the "text/html"-to-"/" mapping, so
requests for .html files within /subdir are not served by the script.

Is this possible, and if yes, how?

Julian Mehnle.

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