Password Protection in JS

Password Protection in JS

Post by Thad Humphri » Tue, 17 Mar 1998 04:00:00

> How to provide password protection from unauthorised users in JavaScript
> coding. if you specify it using input type it can be viewed in URL.

Try inserting your JavaScript with the include directive rather than
directly in your URL.  Example, in my index.html, I have

    <script language="JavaScript1.1" src="/javascript/index.js">

I keep my JavaScript directory out of the /httpd/htdocs directory tree and
define it's path in Apache's srm.conf file.

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1. QUE: Apache: page password protection.

Hello to everyone.

I want to use apache password protection for a single HTML page.
I have found how to do it for a directory but not for a page.
Can you please help me?

I also have another question:
How to create an apache password file from a c/c++ program and not
from the command line?

many thanks in advance,


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