Apache->DirectoryIndex in <Location> and <Directory> directives.

Apache->DirectoryIndex in <Location> and <Directory> directives.

Post by Simon Tneoh Chee-Boo » Thu, 17 Dec 1998 04:00:00

  Thanks in advance for any replys.
  I have a cgi-bin dir, /cgi-bin/, I want to make it having index.cgi
as its DirectoryIndex. So I did:
<Directory /absolute/path/cgi-bin>
AllowOverrides Indexes
Options None
<Location /cgi-bin/>
DirectoryIndex index.cgi
But when I started the apache server, and accessing
It tells me I don't have permission to do this. I checked the error_log,
it shows
me "try to invoke directory as script".
I wonder can I have DirectoryIndex for cgi-bin directory? Currently what
I did is
using Rewrite modules to solve it.
But I like to know can it be done by DirectoryIndex directive?

Simon Tneoh Chee-Boon
Application Developer   Hitechniaga Sdn. Bhd.




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