Apache tester/helper needed remotely

Apache tester/helper needed remotely

Post by Dave Cra » Tue, 20 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I've installed Apache 1.3.6 on a Win98 system and am having config
problems.  Some things work locally (on same LAN), some don't. Very
little works remotely.  Need someone to take a look and advise.

Pls send email if willing to do some tests.  I'll reply with the URL.


1. Apache LDAP authentication module: testers needed

  Hi.  I've completed the intial version of my Apache LDAP Authentication
module.  The code is probably not ready for prime time, but if you would
like to help test it out the code is avaialable at:


  I've only tested this out under Linux using a modified version
of the umich ldap library.  There may be symbol conflicts between
apache and the standard ldap library that need to be resolved.  

  If you do try the code, please send me an email with any comments,
suggestions or problems.  Thanks...


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