Apache proxy & NT authorization

Apache proxy & NT authorization

Post by b.. » Sat, 28 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I'm a unix person and really have no knowledge how a Win NT server
works.  I've been asked about using Apache as a proxy server on a Win NT
server.  The question is about proxy authentication on NT, can you do
authentication with an NT Domain? (I'm not sure if this is the correct

I would imaging that you would use the normal mod_access routines, but
is there something special about NT?


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1. Apache 1.3b6 Proxy: Remote Proxy Authorization


I was using Apache 1.2.6 as Proxy pointing to our Proxy at the firewall.
This to avoid configuration problems on about 1000 PCs if the Proxy
Adress changes.
Our "firewall-proxy" does authentication using User-Id and Password ti
give Internet Access to our authorized users. So if the users contacts
www.oracle.com he contacts the local proxy, the local proxy forwards
everything to the firewall-proxy and this asks the authorization and
everything goes back and forth again.
With Apache 1.3b6 this does not work any more. Apache ( the local proxy
) does contact the firewall-proxy, this asks user-id/password, but get's
the response Authorization Failed.
Someone knows what's going on ?

Thanx a lot


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