real server G2 (basic) w/ dynamic IP?

real server G2 (basic) w/ dynamic IP?

Post by Michael Feldman » Thu, 24 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Are there any ideas how to install G2 real server (basic version) for SuSE Linux (libc5) such that it will work on a dial up connection with dynamic IP addresses?

The only idea _I_ have is etablishing the dial up connection first, then entering the dynmic IP address into rmserver.cfg and then starting the server.

Seems a bit clumsy, though ;-).


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Been using my linux box for about a year with no probs: quake, quake2,
irc, nntp etc but when i loaded the new realplayer w/G2 beta app, it
stopped working.

I am a net programmer and could modify my ipv4_masq_raudio.c if
someone could tell me the change (I've been programming with sockets
on UNIX(SCO) and Win95 for a few years).

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