Browser Security Information Popups

Browser Security Information Popups

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We are running Apache 1.3 on SUN.  Our site has two virtual hosts -
one for plain text communication with a client browser, and the
other provides a secure communication with a client browser.
So when the client askes for his private files over the internet,
we attach via the secure virtual host (https).  When the client
clicks on the HELP icon, we change over to the regular (http)
virtual host and connect non-secure.

The problem is that the browser pops-up a Security Information
Warning with some information saying we are changing from a secure
site to a non-secure site, and vice versa.  Netscape pops-up a
warning every time the client changes modes.  IE seems to remember
that you have already said its okay, and only warns you the first
time.  Anyways, the pop-up is very annoying.  I've noticed that my
bank somehow avoids the pop-up when it switches me back and forth
between secure and nonsecure - so I know it can be done.  I tried
modifying the Redirect statement in the conf file to pass a 200
status, but the server didn't like it when I restarted.

QUESTION:  Is there something I can do to the Apache conf (or
something else) to prevent the annoying pop-ups?

Thanks    Don.

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I want to have a standalone CGI script written in "C"
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I have no desire for it to interact with the server above and beyond
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Suprise me with a usefull answer, and I will electronicly kiss your feet.
thus far I've seen obtuse RFC's or gigantic "brinks" security systems or
source code libraries that are so ugly and spread out as to be

Remember the keywords here are "C", basic, simple, standalone.
Dr. Clue (A.K.A. Ian A. Storms)
The InfoBON Management Team

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