Convert Cern to Apache Question

Convert Cern to Apache Question

Post by Ralph Ha » Sat, 12 Oct 1996 04:00:00

in the Cern server I am able to restrict access to the entire
server by ip address.  I can allow or deny access to any
ip I like.

How can I do this with the apache server. I am running 1.1.1 on
solaris 2.3 and cannot figure out how to do this.  Any help
that can be given will be greatly appreciated.


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1. Q: Converting CERN passwd -> DBM Apache

Is there a program available that will take a CERN password file
(or, for that matter, an apache basic authentication file) and convert it to
a DBM database suitable for Apache?

Is there a program available that can check a submitted password against a
DBM database in much the same way as htadm -check does for CERN?

Is there any way an Apache AuthGroupFile can handle multi-word usernames under
BasciAuth? (Just in case I can't get AuthDBM to work.)

I've tried the apache website and dejanews searches for the answer, but don't
seem to have got anywhere.  My usenet access is a tad laggy, so  if you carbon-

'Available' means public domain software for Solaris 2.4, mainly.



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