Wildcard characters in Apache 1.1.1 scriptalias?

Wildcard characters in Apache 1.1.1 scriptalias?

Post by Brian J Mulrean » Mon, 21 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Is it possible to use wildcard characters in a scriptalias directive
with Apache 1.1.1.  I tried it and it did not appear to work.  I am
running MS Frontpage 1.1 and each time a web is created FP wants to
add Scriptalias lines.  This is because FP is looking to invoke
the extensions as /newweb/vti-bin/shtml.exe.  This means the server
has to be bounced to have the new web available.  The Netscape server
supports a wildcard directive like /*/vti-bin/shtml.exe which takes
care of this problem.  Is there a similar solution for Apache?

Thanks for any help,


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