FXHTML Pilot Released for Linux, Windows 95/NT & SunOS

FXHTML Pilot Released for Linux, Windows 95/NT & SunOS

Post by FXHTM » Wed, 07 May 1997 04:00:00

Fourth Level Developments LTD are announcing the release of FXHTML Pilot
for Linux, Windows 95/NT and SunOS (Already available on FreeBSD

FXHTML Pilot is a server side extension to HTML which in most cases
eliminates the need for cgi

A free demo version of FXHTML can be downloaded from our site and tested
at your lesiure:-


FXHTML Has the following features:-

     Automatic session/context handling
     Method POST & Method GET automatically handled
     Choice of Content Types (HTML,TEXT,...)
     Floating point expression handling
     Text handling including search and replace, splitting, substrings
and arrays
     Variable subsitution
     Disk based variable handling
     Procedure calls including recursion capabilities
     Looping constructs
     Database handling including searching facilities and form
     Email handling
     File handling
     Interface to shell commands
     Bitmap handling and GIF generation
     Full error tracking system with formatted HTML output
     Common interface to handle files, sockets, devices and pipes.


1. I want Linux, Windows 95 & Windows NT all on C:

maybe also old DOS/Windows 3.11 and OS/2 all on one 2.1Gb drive in my
notebook PC.

I plan to use Linux with the UMSDOS filesystem to prevent the need for a
seperate Linux partition.

Can someone who knows about lilo and other multi boot utilities tell me
what my options are? At the moment I use Windows 95 and Linux both on
C:, but without lilo. If I want to start Linux I restart the machine in
DOS mode and then run small .bat file that contains:

c:\loadlinx.exe c:\linux\vmlinuz root=c: rw

If I want to start Linux from a cold boot I hit F8 when Windows 95 starts
and boot to a DOS prompt and then run the bat file.

What multi-boot utilities can handle Linux, Windows 95 and NT, allowing
you to change which one boots by default, and also giving you an option
to hit a key when booting and choose whatever system you want?

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