Intranet without the Internet

Intranet without the Internet

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Do you manage an Intranet that does not allow employees access to the
Internet? Have you discovered cool ways to enhance their available
content without sapping all your energy?

Waite Group Press, publishers of books on computers and technology, is
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information about yourself.


1. Losing internet & intranet connectivity, connection won't recycle, can't regain without reboot

I'm running Red Hat 6.2 with a dsl connection and a static IP address, with
no DHCP (through telocity). Just recently, I started having connectivity
interruptions once or twice a day, and when it gets interrupted, my machine
never reconnects on its own. Even restarting network services (as in
ifdown/ifupping the ethernet adapters) doesn't help, and the only way I've
been able to get back online is a full reboot, which is a real pain in the
ass when I'm several miles away and cannot get remote access due to a
severed connection.
Also, when this interruption happens, I lose connectivity to my internal
masqueraded network. That part makes even less sense to me -- somehow a
service interruption, or maybe something else entirely now that I think
about it, is causing an interruption of internet and intranet connectivity.

If anyone has any input, advice, etc. on this situation, I would be very



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