Netscape 4.7 vs. Netscape 6.2 BASE URL PATH on a apache 1.3.26 server

Netscape 4.7 vs. Netscape 6.2 BASE URL PATH on a apache 1.3.26 server

Post by mho » Sun, 04 Aug 2002 20:31:17

I have an apache 1.3.26 SSL enabled server that it servering a home page of:

 <base href="">

I see some differences with difference browsers:

Internet Explorer, 6.0.2 takes the /Doc/ as part of the base URL
As does Netscape 4.7 but Netscape 6.2 does not; it only appear
To take the base URL as:

<base href="">

Very strange?


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Hello All

I noticed on my server Sparc Ultra, Solaris 9, Apache 1.3.26 the following
 strange behaviour:

in server root there is index.html and subdirectory - say dir

1) When I specify url:

all is ok.

2) When I specify  url:

also all is OK.

3) But what is strange I can also specify:

and I receive content as in case 1). But I expected that this should be an error.

This behaviour causes problems with some robots, which get looped eg.
I can see very long urls like:
and so on.

Is it ok or it a bug in apache. What can be done?

Similarly strage behaviour can be observer with emtpy hash (#) url e.g.

This is also no error but document is not refreshed ...

Thanks for any comments, advice...


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