Internal Server Error with mysql

1. Internal Server Error on a Heavy Loaded Server


I'm using Apache 1.3.6 in a heavy loaded server. It serves two virtual hosts and
it's responsible for over 1 million hits per day.

But in the busiest hours I get the error page: "Internal Server Error" for some
requests page requests.

I thought Apache was limited by the MaxClients directive that was limiting it to 100
clients. Then I increased it to the maximum allowed: 256. But soon I got again
the error page... I changed the Apache source code in linux.h header, as
pointed by Apache, to increase the number os clientes served to 5000 and
recompiled Apache.

I know in the busiest hour there are 350 to 400 httpd proccess but I'm still
getting "Internal Server Error"...

I'm thinking there is some system resource limitation. I read the Apache
Performance Tips page but I didn't find any clue...

Please, does anybody knows how to help me?

Yours Faithfully,

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