Serverwatch News (June 9, 1996)

Serverwatch News (June 9, 1996)

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Serverwatch News (June 9, 1996)

Questions of the Week

1. Are "free" servers like Apache and NCSA appropriate for
high volume sites or is a commercial product like Netscape
or IIS a better choice?

2. Which is the best server platform: Windows, Unix or Mac?

We will post replies in next week's newsletter and online.
Remember, your comments may be kept anonymous if you prefer.

Questions last week

1.  If you have tried or are currently using Netscape's server
products are you satisfied with the technical support provided?

Serverwatch readers were overwhelming negative with regards to
Netscape's technical support. Overall rating was very unfavorable.

2. What other Web sites or news sources do you use to stay
current with Web product news?

No new sites were provided other than the ones already on the links

Product news this week

c|net reports that Netscape is aggressively targeting Apache users by
sending a survey to Apache users inquiring why they like Apache and
promising respondents a free Netscape mug. Info at,16,1504,00.html.

Announcing WN Version 1.14.2, an HTTP server that runs on most
common UNIX platforms and is available at no cost for any use under
the terms of the GNU public license. Info at at

The latest Netcraft Web Server survey reveals that Apache
continues to be the * Web Server with 33% of all sites.
Microsoft's IIS and NT-based servers also gained market share.
Details at

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) announces an alpha release
of Jigsaw, its new object oriented server. Jigsaw is entirely
written in Java. Info at

Borland enhances Delphi for Internet development with addition
of ActiveX components. Info at

Adobe releases Acrobat 3.0 which adds integration with Navigator
and Explorer, page on demand serving and progressive rendering
of PDF files. Info at

Powersoft ships PowerBuilder 5.0 which enable users to add
Internet functionality to their existing client/server
applications and to create new Internet-specific
applications. Info at

Lotus makes Domino, the combined Notes/HTTP server
available in beta form for download at Domino runs on Unix,
Windows and OS/2.

Serverwatch Updates

1. Added new sites to our favorite links page

2. Added WebNotes, PictureTalk, Pyramid System,
and Virtual Places to Discussion Group Tools

Coming Soon

Keep your feedback coming. Please send us your experience with
Web server products.  If there are products you use we are not
currently covering please let us know.

Thanks to HoloNet for sponsoring Serverwatch. Be sure to check out
their Web hosting service at
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