SSLeay: genrsa gives segmentation fault

SSLeay: genrsa gives segmentation fault

Post by Allan Jacobs » Mon, 08 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have been trying to compile the latest SSLeay software (0.51a) on my linux
box v. 1.2.13, and the compile goes OK, but when i type "make test" it gets
to genrsa it makes a segmentation fault.

Any ideas ?


1. Slackware give me segmentation fault when running tex/latex

Subject: Slackware tex, latex keeps giving segmentation fault
Summary: segmentation faults w/ tex & latex
Distribution: na
Organization: University of Denver
Keywords: segmentation fault, tex , latex

Hi all you unix gurus.

I just got my feet wet with the Slackware distribution with only one
problem.  Everytime I try to run any of the executables associated
with the tex series, I get a segmentation fault.  I have the current
disks from (T1-T3) and everything that comes with the
std. distribution.  Any help would be appreciated.  (linux .99p14),
nothing special in the kernel.


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