upgrade from apache 1.1.3 to apache 1.2 fails

upgrade from apache 1.1.3 to apache 1.2 fails

Post by Jay Bir » Sat, 21 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I have been trying to get my apache 1.2 upgrade to work.  We have 371
virtual domains and they all work fine with apache 1.1.3.  But apache
1.2 has problems:

A browser will get "document contains no data" errors and I see SIGSEV
errors in the syslog.

I'm running BSDI 3.0 using gcc  I am pretty convinced that we
are not running out of file descriptors.  Some more data, this
definition is what breaks the server:

<VirtualHost www.performanceds.com>
ServerName www.performanceds.com

DocumentRoot /cruzio/web/pages/cruzio/nopage
TransferLog logs/domains/xfer/www.performanceds.com
ErrorLog logs/domains/error/www.performanceds.com

If I comment out either TransferLog or ErrorLog above, then the server
appears to work.  But both lines enabled and it breaks.  The per process
file descriptor limit is quite high.  

Jay Nitikman



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Recently I installed the Java Servlet Development Kit and noticed that

it contained a module to run servlets with the Apache web server.
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under the 1.2 version.

As far as I remember, some days ago someone mentioned  that a patch
for this module existed to make it run under Apache 1.2. Does anybody
know where to get it from? I looked at dejanews but couldn't find the
posting anymore :-(



Jrgen Albertsen

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