Apache 2.0.x proxy

Apache 2.0.x proxy

Post by Hannu Elorant » Sun, 29 Sep 2002 00:50:38

I have configured Apache 2.0.40 as an HTTP proxy server.
Now I want to store all HTTP responses into a file.
What is the best way to intercept the HTTP responses?

Hannu Eloranta


1. Apache with access control vs proxy (Not apache AS proxy)

I have a webserver which should have limited
access from a subnet.
Works fine with an "access from xxx.xxx." directive.
Problem: There are proxies in the subnet.
If someone outside uses a proxy in authorized subnet,
he can access the webserver.

How can I avoid this "feature" if I haven't access
to the setup of the proxy-Server.

Thanks a lot

Stefan Huelbrock
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University of Tuebingen, WSI, Computer Architecture
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