How to make Netscape tell me why a graphic didn't load?

How to make Netscape tell me why a graphic didn't load?

Post by Michael Lev » Fri, 08 May 1998 04:00:00

   I have a web site with a bunch of pages on it. When I browse it (using
Netscape), I notice that sometimes a page will load and show one of the
inline graphics as a little "cracked" icon, instead of the actual image. I
know the image is accessible because a) it doesn't always happen (it is
unpredictable, and happens to different images each time), and b) if I hit
the "IMAGES" button at the top of the window, eventually all will get
loaded properly ( is an
example of a page which often does this). I have a feeling I have the
server configured incorrectly or something (it is really the only thing
running on this Unix box with a fast connection). Is there any way I can
get Netscape (or any other browser) to tell me what the problem is when it
encounters one of these images, so I can go back to the http server and

if you know how to do this, or better yet, if you've heard of this problem
before and have an idea how I can fix it. I am using NCSA HTTPd v1.5.2


1. how can i tell if peer gone (and we didn't get notification)?

When my peer is writing to me over a socket and and the line
goes away for some time (say 20 seconds) the other side
does a disconnect but I never get notified. I am sitting on
a select call in my C code or my TCL code has a fileevent
(i don't know how that is implemented) on read, but I never
get the error returned to me, so I hang forever.

Anyone know how to detect this?

I can reproduce this simply by a physical disconnect of my
system from the network  for the 20 seconds.

I am thinking that there should be some sort of keepalive
timer (beside the 2 hour one) that should kick in here.

Is this a Linux bug?



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