Interactive agents and the web

Interactive agents and the web

Post by Chris Blo » Wed, 04 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Interactive Agents and the Web

HTML, Java, and VRML will enable the development of many amazing apps, and
I for one look forward to capitalizing on the possibilities.  I envision
using these standard client side protocols to build compelling frontends
to places on the web.  These places will provide services which range
from the buying and selling of goods, to *, to chat, and so on.
And I envision these places as being distributed throughout servers all
over the internet in a way that I, in the form of an object consisting
of code and state, can travel transparently between, interacting with
the services and other entities (which includes other users) as I go.
This is a vision whose time has come.

There is a missing piece though, and that is servers everywhere that can
host these places in a way that is more dynamic and active than what is
currently provided by the "traditional" web servers of today.  I am a
*space Hacker (like most of you), and have been in search for the
longest for a runtime server environment that will support distributed
virtual realities in a way that is compelling, secure, and of course
ubiquitous.  And folks I have found it, and it is Telescript.  And as
the lead developer of an effort well under way at General Magic to
support Web protocols including CGI access from the Web to Telescript,
support in Telescript for URI resolution and HTML page generation,
and access from Telescript to the Web, I can honestly say that this
solution for *space services development is hands down the most
appropriate I have ever seen.  What we have here is a language for
programming agents and places which present themselves to users
through the use of HTML, Java, and VRML.  This is the missing piece,
I am sure of it, and I am sure you will agree if you attend the
Telescript Developers Conference being held on October 29th-31st.

If you and/or other members of your company are interested in learning
more about the Telescript Web Server than check out
General Magic's Developers Conference includes a discussion of the Telescript
Web Server Tools.  In this discussion we will describe how Java, VRML, HTML,
and Telescript are incredibly complimentary and how Telescript can turn a
traditional passive web server into a distributed active web server.

And remember, when you register for the conference be sure and tell them
that Chris Bloom sent you.

Christopher B. Bloom
*space Hacker
General Magic


1. pl/sql cusror state using Oracle web agent, web server & database server

Apologies for the broad ng hit, but it could count in any of them.

I am trying to use Oracle web server 1.0, Oracle web agent and Oracle
Server 7.3.3 to simply return a list of items from a table in groups of
ten as a web page allowing the user to click "next ten" when required.

To do this I have written a couple of pl/sql procedures which are
encapsulated in a pl/sql package. The package contains a public
declaration of a cursor which is used to fetch each row from the table
for display. According to the documentation a public cursor in a package
should have its state preserved between calls to the package.

When i test these procedures from SQLWorksheet, I execute
pack.getfirstten which opens the cursor and fetches the first ten rows.
I then execute pack.getnextten which fetches the next ten rows as

However, when I call the procedures through the use of Oracle Web Agent
as a URL (eg http://machine/test/owa/pack.getfirstten), the first
procedure correctly returns the first ten rows, but a call to the next
procedure in the form of a URL
(http://machine/test/owa/pack.getnextten) fails with an (ORA-1001 [i
think]) unidentified cursor error written to the OWA service log.

Has anyone any ideas why this doesn't work, how it can be made to work,
and if it wont ever work what is an alternative approach based in pl/sql
with OWA as Im on tight timescales?

Many thanks in advance.

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