Brave one here trying Apache 2b8

Brave one here trying Apache 2b8

Post by Paul Kimbal » Sat, 12 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Two things I mention here, one wont work, one still does with an added
feature (bug?).  

I was using the /status display with 1.1.3, and it worked,
so I tried both /server-status and /server-info in 2b8. server-info works,
server-status says I dont have permission.  Both are configured exactly the
same in access.conf.

I notice in my netstat display I still have alot of FIN_WAIT2 with the
added benefit of two new ones!  TIME_WAIT and FIN_WAIT1.

I was running statnet on console 2, could that cause those two new ones to
show up? I ask that as they seem to go away when I quit out of it.

Running Rh Linux 1.2.13 on a 486.

Any ideas you Apache coding experts?


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