inconsistencies in header responses using Apache 2.0.35 on Windows 2000 and Solaris 8

inconsistencies in header responses using Apache 2.0.35 on Windows 2000 and Solaris 8

Post by Da » Sat, 04 May 2002 04:36:00

I am seeing an inconsistency in header responses using Apache 2.0.35
on Windows 2000 and Solaris 8. For Windows 2000, if I have my
httpd.conf file setup the as the default with the server name set to and listen set to, I get two different
header responses based on how I make my request. If I use GET file, I get a full response header that reflects custom
response headers that I added in httpd.conf. If I use GET file
http://localhost or GET file http://mymachinename, I get a partial
header response with about half the entries as the full response and
the custom headers I added do not show up. I am running Apache locally
as stand alone and do not have DNS. Why are the headers different? In
each case, there are no errors and I get a response code of HTTP/1.1
200, but I did notice that in the access.log file, I sometimes get a
response code of HTTP/1.1 206. The status code 206 is never reflected
in the response I get when making the request.

With the same version of Apache running on Sun Solaris 8 with the
exact same setup, I always get a partial header response and cannot
add any custom response header entries using the mod_header directive
Headers add. When I add custom response header entries in the
httpd.conf file, the server starts with no errors and the logs are
clean, but I do not see the custom entries in the response header.
Also, in the access.log file, it shows all requests as HTTP/1.0 200. I
suspect that the reason I cannot see the full header with the custom
header entries is because, for some reason, the server is using HTTP
1.0 instead of HTTP 1.1. I dont understand why the logs and the
response I am getting would reflect 1.0 instead of 1.1. The browser
used to connect to the server was Netscape 6 and there are no browser
match directives in the conf file that force HTTP/1.0 for Netscape.
What is happening here and the HTTP 1.0 response the reason I cannot
get the full response header?

My biggest concern is getting the Solaris 8 setup to send the full
response header with the custom response header entries. I wrote about
the Windows setup to use as a comparison because I tested both
environments to validate the problem. My goal is to get Apache 2.0 on
Solaris 8 to send a full response header with the custom header
entries. Any information would greatly be appreciated.



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