Netscape proxy server with SOCKS server

Netscape proxy server with SOCKS server

Post by Iain L » Sat, 23 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I have decided to give the NS proxy server a 60 day test-drive.

We have been running the CERN proxy caching server up until now.

Installed it without an hitch and let me configure it via the forms
interface.  So far so good.  Now I want to try it combined with a
SOCKS 4.2 server that we have running here.  The setup is as below:

+--------+         +----------+         +----------+
| client |-------->| internal |-------->| firewall |----> INTERNET
+--------+         +----------+         +----------+
NS 1.1N            NS proxy 1.1         SOCKS 4.2 sockd
                   /etc/socks.conf       External DNS
                   Internal DNS

Our internal network uses illegal addresses (not my fault and I cannot
change them) so we have to use a socks based firewall solution todo
the required ip translation.  We have a small DNS pointing out to the
Internet and the company DNS runs on the host 'internal'. The DNS are
totally separate (ie. no forwarder lines etc.)

Now with the CERN proxy server that I compiled with SOCKS lib libsock.a
support and with the socks.conf and sockd.conf setup on host 'internal'
to use the sockd server on the host 'firewall' everything works fine
when I setup my clients to use the proxy server 'internal' with port 81.
Also I set the shell var SOCKS_NS to the host 'firewall's IP address.

When I replace the CERN server on port 81 with the NS Proxy server I get
the following error message when accessing the same external sites:


    The requested item could not be loaded by the proxy.

    A network error occurred: unable to connect to server (TCP Error: 22)
    The server may be down or unreachable. Try connecting again later.

    Proxy server at on port 81

How can I setup the NS Proxy to forward all SOCKS requests to the sockd
daemon on the host 'firewall' ?

Does the NS Proxy use the shell variable SOCKS_NS to find the DNS server?

Thanx in advance

Iain Lea                                       RK SCN D, Siemens AG., Germany


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Thanks in advance,


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