Problems installing Apache 1.3.12 & ApacheJServ 1.1.12

Problems installing Apache 1.3.12 & ApacheJServ 1.1.12

Post by alisonb10 » Tue, 03 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Machine Spec: Celeron Processor 400MHZ
Operating System: Linux Mandrake 7.0 Complete

I am using the "INSTALL" docs that came with ApacheJServ 1.1.12 and
trying to
build Apache with ApacheJServ support in it from the source files.

The doc has said to

./configure \
make install

Problem is I cannot find the file libjserv.a or mod_jserv.c in the
Apache 1.3.12 directory or any of its subdirectories.

The C files are in ApacheJServ 1.1.12 including mod_jserv.c but there is
libjserv.a only the file libjserv.module. Are these files equivalent???

Can someone please tell me what to do to configure Apache to work with
Apachejserv support please.




1. Error getting accept lock - Apache 1.3.12 Solaris 9 ApacheJServ/1.1

I am having apache crash approximately every few weeks with the
error message.  The box is rebooted every week on Saturday, so it was
only actually up for a few days.

I am getting the following error message in the Apache logs...

[Tue Jan 28 09:50:38 2003] [emerg] (9)Bad file number: fcntl:
Error getting accept lock, exiting!  Perhaps you need to use the
directive to place your lock file on a local disk!
[Tue Jan 28 09:50:39 2003] [alert] Child 4493 returned a Fatal
Apache is exiting!

Apache then crashes approximately 10 minutes later, I am assuming
because the child processors eventually are killed off.

I have read pretty much all I can about this error.  And the following
is what they say to check for.

1) The LockFile is on a local drive, and not on an NFS mounted file
2) We have changed the MaxRequestsPerChild to 10000.  Now not sure if
this is still applicable to Solaris 9, but we did it anyway to be on
the safe side.

Version Information :

Apache  - 1.3.12 (Unix)
Solaris - 9
ApacheJServ 1.1
mod_perl 1.24

Thank you in advance for everyone's help, greatly appreciated.


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