Netscape Enterprise 3.0g patch

Netscape Enterprise 3.0g patch

Post by Cynd » Thu, 12 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I tried downloading the 3.0g patch for the Netscape Enterprise 3.0
server on Solaris.  It is in the format something.tar.Z but when I try
to uncompress it, I get an error:  corrupt input.

I know I ftped it in bin mode.  I can't find any help at the Netscape

Has anyone else run across this?  Any help is appreciated.

Cyndy Luk
West Group


1. Netscape Enterprise 2.01 + SSL patch: extreme memory demands ?

Anyone else seen this? Since installing the 2.01c "million question" patch
on our Solaris 2.5.1 Enterprise 2.01 install, the pool of httpd's appears to
be demanding much more virtual memory. In peak hours they consume about
50 MB of memory per minute, using more CPU and driving system loads up.
We've resorted to a scripted kill and restart (the "stop" script isn't brutal
enough -- we "stop" then "kill", then sleep a few secs, then "kill -9") of
the httpd pool *every ten minutes* so it doesn't consume all the swap space,
starving CGI and other processes on the machine.

I note that is *still* being hosted with 2.01, not the
2.01c patch, so maybe the folks in Mountain View have seen this problem?
Doesn't exactly encourage me to install the copy of 3.5x that they shipped
to us...

Advice much appreciated,


P.S. Netscape folks: sorry, I'd ask you in provate if it didn't cost $85 USD

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