Apache: ServerName - dumb question...

Apache: ServerName - dumb question...

Post by Stephen F Donnell » Wed, 21 May 1997 04:00:00


Here's a dumb question:

I have apache at home, on a dial up connection, dynamic IP, Slackware
3.1, newish kernel etc. I have changed the configs a little, and now
when I try to start the Apache httpd, it reports "httpd: cannot
determine local host name."

How does the daemon determine the local host name, and where do I set it
in the IP setup?

Sorry this isn't a strictly Apache question, I assume it's a linux IP
problem. Please email replies too...

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I've got three different Redhat 7.1 boxes that I'm trying to get to use the
"ServerName" directive in httpd.conf for Apache.

It's really bizzare, because all of these machines are behaving as if I
haven't put in the servername directive at all (it just keeps whatever
hostname the user has typed in).

This happens even with a virgin system that has simply turned on Apache and
has put in the ServerName directive.

For example, I just put in:
ServerName [my ip address here]

Then, I made an entry into my /etc/hosts file that gives my server a name.
Then if I type in http://[servername] in my browser, I end up keeping the
same servername that I typed in.  This is NOT the behavior that I got with
earlier versions of Apache that came bundled with Redhat 7.0 and 6.2.  Is
there another directive that I don't know about?

Any suggestions?



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