Password Question

Password Question

Post by Bobb » Sun, 15 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Here's the situation, I have two membership sites which
will be password protected. When a person joins one I also
want them to have access to the other, how or by what method
do I get their username/password combination automatically to
give them access to the second site?



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My teenage son is trying to install his first Solaris (unix) system for his
uncle on a Sparcstation 10. I know this is probably a VERY elementary question
but I have no knowledge of unix to help.

What file must be modified to take a user, after login, directly into an
application under OpenWindows?

We think UMASK can be used to change file protection. Must this be done from
the ROOT account and does a umask 022 provide a user with access to an
application installed by ROOT?

If there is a more appropriate conference for these simple questions please
let me know.

Thank You.....

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